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Since you’re visiting our website, we can only assume your organization needs to generate more revenue, profit, or both. The Small Business Turnaround Group specializes in design and implementation of two types of turnaround solutions:
Marketing Turnaround Programs and Liability Turnaround Programs.

A business that has experienced a decrease in revenue/sales and is operating on a very thin profit margin or is just “break even,” is probably only in need of 90-degree turnaround, or a Marketing Turnaround.

If your business has seen a decrease in revenue/sales over a significant period of time and has incurred liabilities due to that decrease and is now “upside down,” insolvent, or you’re considering filing business bankruptcy, you’re probably in need of a 180-degree turnaround (a Liability turnaround + a Marketing Turnaround).

National statistics show that a loss or lack of revenue was a factor in 90 percent of business failures in the U.S. We so often hear that the majority of business failures are due to undercapitalization and mismanagement. Both issues are definitely factors, but in our opinion, they’re secondary factors, at best.

A business that fails due to undercapitalization fails because it didn’t have enough reserve capital to overcome periods when the business lost money or was cash flow poor. For most businesses, if revenue/sales are where they should be, then they’re not losing money. Therefore, they haven’t become undercapitalized. As far as businesses failing due to mismanagement, we believe that only 5-10 percent of small businesses fail due to gross mismanagement. We firmly believe that almost all business failures begin with a lack of revenue. Sure, some people can say that a business that has too little revenue is due to mismanagement. However, we think that’s just a very broad overgeneralization. Most managers of small businesses “know what they know,” and they “don’t know what they don’t know.” To call that mismanagement is really unfair.

In any struggling business that lacks revenue/sales it’s almost always going to be the common denominator and the first item that should be addressed. Ask yourself this question: If our revenue increased 20 percent over the next six to eighteen months, would we have the same worries we have today?

The quickest way to improve your revenue situation is to improve your #1 revenue generation tool—your marketing program/department.

Marketing = Leads = Sales/Revenue

Any revenue that’s generated by a business was generated from marketing, period. Even if your business was built entirely off of “word-of-mouth” and/or referrals, you’ve been utilizing marketing channels. Goodwill and referral-based marketing are the oldest and first-choice marketing channels ever established. Many other types of marketing channels exist and can certainly become viable revenue generators for your business.

Whichever situation your organization finds itself in, it usually has resulted from the following two factors:

  1. A lack of revenue and dwindling profits
  2. A significant lack of revenue with major liabilities incurred and/or facing insolvency

The Small Business Turnaround Group-Texas can help. When you’re ready to explore your options, please click here (Small Business) or call 214-347-4239.